Atlantis Case To Study Video Brochure

This is the first custom 21*21cm size we made. The customer chose a 7-inch screen for the look and feel. In order to better introduce the characteristics of the hotel, the customer added 4 video selection buttons. The other 2 sound additions and subtractions and 1 play pause button are used to better control this video brochure. In terms of printing, high-end UV processing was performed on the button selection of the hotel part and the screen part of the cover. Considering that the white part in the middle after opening affects the overall effect, we made double-sided printing. Based on customer video requirements, we recommended 2GB of memory and 1500mah battery, which is expected to play hours after full charge. After the finished product came out, the effect was better than the customer expected. This also contributed to our long-term cooperation.

  • screen
    7inch lcd screen, 21*21*0.8cm
  • size
    2GB memory, 2 hours battery
  • card
    soft cover, 250g coated paper
  • buttons
    4 video select, volume, play/pause
  • printing
    CMYK+UV spot, doule-side printing
  • memory
    hotel introduction brochure
  • speaker
    1pcs, 8ohm 1.5w high fidelity
  • USB, file uploading and charging

Atlantis Case To Study Video Brochure

Steps To Make Video Brochure Real

Choose model and size you want

Select die drawing

soft cover video brochure

hard cover video brochure

custom video pack video gift box

We offer hundreds of common template of video brochure,video gift box. Base on over 9 years production, regular A5/A4 soft cover, hard cover video brochure with all sizes template we can forward to client timely. and we can set up new template base on client idea if needed. Template divided into three categories:

Set Up Design/Art Work

Put your design on the template to make it a art work. if u need buttons, add them on the art work as well. plz note that you should leave bleeding position. send AI or PDF file to us when it is done. 

Confirm Printing Craft

full color


gold stamp

silve stamp


UV spot


soft touch finishing

Assemble Finished Product

We will confirm details of the order including printing and buttons function. there is a important process here,after buttons function confirmed our engineer with set up a program and our sales will confirm it with client.

Now, order's details and program confirmed. our staff will burn the program into mainboard and assemble modules. when the printed cards arrive, our staffs then start to put modules into the card and fold it to a beautiful finishing product. printed cards alwasy 2 times of final quantity of the order. during the production,we will charge and recharge to aging and test the modules. buttons and videos plays will test several times to make sure all finished product with correct program and runs well. it's a our ability and pleasure to supply top quality product and this leads to a long term cooperation between our clients and us!