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Wholesale low price 2.4inch video business card

If it’s with 2.4inch lcd screen, the shell size is 90*50mm. If it’s with 2.8inch, the card size is 100*60cm. Since it is small and have to put so many modules into the card, the thickness is around 1cm. Most video business card put full color printing only as it’s small, but some clients add special printing as well. As it’s small,so only built-in a mini speaker,means the volume is low,to make it louder,cut speaker hole on the card is a common way. 

exterior & size

Hot business gift video name card business card with lcd

There is no space to put buttons into a video business card,so it’s magnetic control only. Open to play and close to shut down video. It’s with 350mah battery and can play around 90 minutes after full charge. Limited by the size,the motherboard support avi format the video format supported by video business card is 320*240 avi. Take note when u need a video business card

interior & function