4 7inch hard cover touch screen video brochure

Printed video greeting card/ Video folder/videobrochure for advertising

This is a video brochure with pocket, pocket always to hold a brochure/booklet. Compare to video book, video book with only several inner pages while video folder hold a booklet which with many pages and the booklet can take out from the video brochure pocket. The pocket size can be similar to the cover or just a small pocket on the left corner or bottom.

exterior & size

China factory wholesale Video Brochure / Video greeting card / Video in folder

This is a video brochure with pocket and just a video brochure with pocket, which means the function of this model is same as regular video brochure. From our experience, we forward a most common example for your reference: magnetic sensor with 5 buttons: volume +/-, pre/next, play/pause.

interior & function