Video Business Card

business card size with 2.4/2.8inch lcd screen.

Video business card integrates the traditional paper business card and an ultrathin LCD screen into a whole. It helps you stand out from your competitors, brings you with the effects non-comparable by the traditional business cards made of any other materials, gives deep impression to your customer and significantly improves the transfer efficiency to enable you to get more customers. Please contact me and let us start to make your video card today!
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Video Brochure

regular model, soft or hard cover with various lcd screen.

The traditional brochure has been not effective in today’s digital age. And it is replaced by the video brochure, which is more novel and effective. Turning bald words into video and in addition to corresponding background music, the video brochure turns the boring mode of advertising into vivid and interesting one. Customized fine printing endows it with the function of a gift. Different printing with corresponding video enables the video brochure to be applied in different fields and sites. It may be used as both a product/service brochure and a letter of invitation for an important meeting, or a wedding album, etc. Video brochure will bring you with unexpected surprise and effect at any time.
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Video Book

video brochure with multi inner pages / booklets

A book with animations and sounds stimulates customers’ interest in reading. The book page with screen design enables the traditional book to take on an entirely new look. The built-in screen makes the content in the page more vivid, and the page makes the video content clear and concise. It may be said that they bring out the best in each other. Regardless of the book, company brochure or project introduction, the video book does not only bring customers with strong intuitive perspective, but also more brings good marketing effects.
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Video Folder

video brochure with pocket to hold brochure

It is time to throw away the folder in your hand, particularly in some important occasions, such as customer negotiations, project bidding and merchant’s invitation, etc. By adding a pocket inside the video brochure to put documents, the video folder does not only hold the contents originally put in the plastic folder, but also gives an impressive display with the video. Have you sensed its magic power before you experience by yourself ?
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Video Pack

also called as video box / video gift box. it's a box with lcd screen.

Exquisite packages always make quality products more advanced and elegant. And video pack further enables the package of the new era to be perfect. Built-in screen may well tell the story of the product in the box and the cultural concept of the company. Different from traditional words, video information is more vivid and in-depth. In an instant after the customer opens the box, the embedded magnetic-control/ light-control switch simply and directly show the video in front of the customer, making the customer feel amazing and surprised. At the time of upgrading the package, video pack endows more added values to the product, bringing the customer with distinctive unpacking experience and making the product more attractive.

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