How do you choose what you want?

If you are new to video brochure,you must feel confused what you want to do. Even for a old client, since video brochure is a custom product and have various models and designs, sometimes he still have to talk with us to confirm what exactly he will do. Now follow us to get to know about our product and choose what you want. 

2.4/2.8 inch Video Business Card

  • Screen Size: 48x36 mm-2.4"
  • Screen Size: 58x42 mm-2.8"
  • Resolution: 320x240

The size is similar to the size of a business card. It can completely substitute the traditional personal business card to transmit your information in an absolutely new way. Upon receipt of such an impressive gift, maybe a new friend will bring business opportunities for you. This type costs less. So, if you have insufficient budget, it will be your best choice.

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4.3 inch Video Brochure

  • Screen Size: 94x53 m
  • Resolution: 480x272
  • Common size: A5 landscape and vertical

If small words are almost not shown in your video, 4.3inch Screen can clearly display all kinds of pictures, meeting your regular requirements. In accordance with our experience, the majority of the customers who choose such a size of screen will design the brochure in A5 (210x148mm) or similar size. The paper card in such a size supports two types, including landscape and Portrait. If you hope to get more brochures in the limited budget, we suggest you consider this type.

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5 inch Video Brochure

  • Screen Size: 111x62 m
  • Resolution: SD 480x272 HD 854x480
  • Common size: A5 landscape and vertical

Such a size of screen is an upgrade of 4.3”. It does not only have a slightly larger window, but also provides a higher degree of definition. Most of customers will choose A5 paper card, while a minority will choose A4, very similar to 4.3”. If there are not many too small words in a video picture, 5” may satisfy with your requirements.

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7 inch Video Brochure

  • Screen Size: 153x86 m
  • Resolution: SD 800x480  HD/IPS 1024x600
  • common size: A5 landscape, A4 vertical

If you have sufficient budget, we highly recommend you use this type. A bigger and clearer screen may bring better visual experience and also may better display the words in the video. 7” screen may adapt to A5 and A4 paper cards. If you are willing to bear more freight charges or need to print bigger brochures, we recommend A4. Otherwise, A5. IPS screen is the most excellent LCD screen applied on this product.

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10 inch Video Brochure

  • Screen Size: 222x125 m
  • Resolution: SD 1026x600, HD/IPS 1280x800
  • common size: A4 landscape or customized size

When you open it, the screen will fill your eyes. LCD high resolution can adapt to any video pictures and words. We recommend A4 or larger paper cards. You may order this type for the most distinguished guests or friends. Generally, our customers will choose to have some in other sizes, while some in 10”. Of course, it will cost you more budgets.

China Invitation LCD Video Brochure module

Memory & Buttons & Printing

You should know something about our product from information above and now choose video brochure inside and outside to make it a beatufil and controllable product. 

  • memory capacity: 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1/2/4/8GB. generally, a 720p 1 minute video is around 30MB. 
  • buttons options: volume, play/pause,, fast forward/rewind, video select/pic select, on/off, touch screen. 
  • printing & finishing: full color/CMYK/gold/silver/UV/embossed...etc, matte/bright/soft touch finishing. 

Various Models

Here we already confirmed the lcd size, memory capacity, printing and finishing, now let's put them on the model you like. 
Video brochure: including video business card, video brochure, video book, video folder, magazine insert and special shape video brochure. 
Video pack: it's box built-in lcd screen,so also called as video box, video gift box, video brochure box. 

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