Luxury hard cover 10inch video brochure tv in a card for estate marketing

main parm:
  • 10inch HD Screen, 1280*800
  • Square, 240*240mm
  • Hard cover, Split design
  • CMYK printing, soft touch finishing
  • Buttons: volume +/-, previous/next, 3 video and 4 picture select buttons


product description:

Real estate is hot in many countries, especially high-end real estate and always need to do marketing. And our 10inch video brochure/tv in a card enjoys great popular among real estate area. This one is a luxury example which with 2 folders and big size 10inch. A regular video brochure usually play video only while this model support picture as well and there are 3 video and 4 picture select buttons. Soft touching finishing feels great. As there are 2 folders, so only Split design workable.

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