How to put LCD video brochure into commercial marketing?

The current hottest industry on the Internet is short video in terms of user habits and traffic data. In the time when netizens are fragmented, marketing can be very popular through vivid and interesting audio-visual images. This is not only the traffic growth trend brought by audience habits, but also can make the business road to another height, so how to put video business cards into mobile marketing?

Compared with traditional business cards, resumes, text introductions, or face-to-face self-promotion, the large traffic and frequency of short videos are more attractive to users. Business people can interpret the brand through the lcd video brochure in just two or three minutes. The difference between this and ordinary text propaganda is that lcd video brochure can show the corporate charm, product functions and business cooperation needs in more detail through the audio and video features of the short film, and can quickly screen and capture the B and C end needs. Groups, not just tell others what I sell.
LCD video brochure
In the creation of LCD video brochures, everyone in the team exerted their own professional advantages to break the traditional thinking of self-promotion for business people and enterprises. Video business cards use the advantages of short video combined with traditional business cards to form new power and new business trends among business people. The emergence of video business cards is inevitable for social trends.

From an essential point of view, the product is sold to people in need, and the habits and thinking of users are very jumpy. Where do they appear in the fragmented time every day, then your video business card can pass through the Internet Where does the platform appear, so that it has received extensive attention or reposted, whether it is from exposure, interaction rate or conversion rate, can effectively and continuously output.