Integration of Traditional Media Technology and Streaming Media Technology

In daily activities such as corporate publicity, product introduction and so on, people often use ordinary brochures. The picture and the text are printed on the paper to achieve the purpose of transmitting information, which are a paper carrier and a single way to express.

With the development of the society, the traditional brochure and the modern network technology have merged to produce a new form of brochure---video brochure. That is to say, an LCD player is added to the traditional brochure so as to bring the functions of a traditional brochure and the function of playing pictures or videos. The function of video brochure is not limited to blessings, but more is used for the promotion of corporate and product videos to give people a new experience.Many modern enterprises often use the more advanced form as gifts to customers; when publicizing products, they also give customers more intuitive experience. In 2014, Astrazeneca ordered 60K video brochure in our company for the promotion of new drugs, and got good market feedback. They customized specific boot-up menus, and the videos described in detail the principles of drugs, clinical effects, and precautions.

High Quality LCD Video Brochure Card
Customized Digital Photo Greeting Cards

With a full video format support, users can also build in other video files through the data line. In addition, as a portable MP4 player, it can also improve the function mode of adding desktop “digital photo frame” to display user's built-in photos in the form of slides.

Coincidentally, BMW has also customized a number of video brochures for the event promotion. Through the combination of video and text, users can more intuitively understand the characteristics and advantages of the new models, bringing a very good publicity effect.

custom brochure video module
China LCD Greeting Card 4.3 5 7 10 inch


When traditional media technology and streaming media technology are combined for presentation in the form of innovation, there will always be a different experience.

In addition to multitudinous application in the automotive and medical fields as a carrier for product promotion, video brochure can also be used in many application scenarios, such as exhibition brochures, customer gifts, project bidding, and sales presentations.

In every important holiday or event, we will always give customers some gifts. At this time, you can customize a company video brochure to be presented with the gift, so as to show the corporate culture and express your blessings by streaming media.