Video business card for the advantage of corporate promotion

video business card is a media tool for promoting enterprise products in the mobile Internet. Video business cards use advanced digital technology to integrate traditional video into the network. Combining the three major media, namely video, print media and Internet, with network technology, enables companies across the industry to dynamically, in-depth and comprehensively display their brands, cultures, products and services on the Internet. Helps companies to increase customer consultation.
The service innovatively transforms traditional display-type corporate business cards into promotional business cards that can be easily pulled into social networks. Video business cards are generally used to display corporate image and corporate products with video and animation. Compared with the boring text introduction, it is more attractive to users, and it can stimulate users' desire to purchase. Video business cards also have self-promotion and big data promotion. Pulling new tools, it can help companies get better marketing success in the mobile Internet field.

video business card combines business, network, interaction and communication to provide a comprehensive platform for users and enterprises to provide comprehensive video marketing services. Let the company's wonderful videos get the widest route of transmission, the fastest dissemination, and the most attention on the Internet.