Soft Touch Button

Nowadays, electronic technology is developing more and more rapidly. In order to use electronic digital products conveniently, digital touch buttons are used in many digital products. Unsurprisingly, we implemented the function of soft touch on the video brochure.

(I) Basic introduction of touch button:

Touch button is a new application of multimedia technology. And the touch button is sturdy and durable, space saving and it is also featured by a convenient operation. Specifically, the touch button can be divided into four categories: resistive touch button, capacitive touch button, surface acoustic wave touch button, and infrared touch button. Currently, video brochure adopts capacitive touch button.

(II) Working principle of touch button:


The principle of a capacitive touch button is that the human body senses the capacitance to recognize the command. The finger has a certain sense of the current, so that the playback function can be operated. In simple terms, when the human body is close to the capacitive touch button, the current generated by the human body is coupled to the static capacitor, and the value of the connected capacitor is maximized. At this time, the changed capacitance value will transmit and transform the signal, and then the capacitance signal is converted into a certain control signal, so as to achieve the function of conveying instructions.

(III) Comparison with traditional mechanical button

When the traditional mechanical buttons are used too many times, they are easily damaged or lose sensitivity.

Traditional mechanical buttons require a certain amount of force when pressed, while you only need to touch the touch buttons gently.

The cost of the touch button is higher than the mechanical button.

The touch buttons bring you an experience which is significantly better than that of mechanical senses.

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