What are the characteristics of LCD Business Card?

Generally speaking, the biggest feature of personal video is the combination of image and sound, so that you can dynamically display your personal style, to achieve the purpose of showing yourself and promoting yourself. Generally, it can be used in combination with pictures and texts to complement each other, which enables the browser to quickly obtain information. So what are the advantages of LCD Business Card?

LCD Business Card displays personal image brand in an all-round way and increases trust. Because traditional business cards and simple graphic information are difficult to fully display personal information and style, it also increases the cost of trust and communication. Personal video has both sound and shape. In order to fully display personal characteristics, in addition, due to flexibility and variety of time, the viewer can enter the business card at any time to open the video to understand you.
lcd business card
LCD Business Card has more personal characteristics, which is conducive to creating personal IP. The theme of video business cards is prominent and clear. You can show your personal strengths according to industry characteristics and career characteristics. If you are a sales or marketing staff, video business cards are potential The best way for clients to demonstrate their personal abilities and career philosophy.

It ’s a designer, and works do n’t need to be copied and printed again. The best choice is to show the video to the other party. And this also gives a human touch to the business relationship to a certain extent, which is conducive to subsequent transactions or cooperation.

How to make personal video icing on the cake? Keep in mind that the production of video needs to be more targeted, and the introduction time should not be too long, it can be controlled within tens of seconds, and personalization is indispensable.