How to Make Customers Get to Know Video Brochure in an All-round Way in A Short Text?

Video brochure (note: in terms of product principle, also known as electronic brochure); video brochure is a new product with the combination of traditional brochure and MP4 video player. That is to add an LCD video player to the traditional brochure; so the video brochure not only has the function of the traditional brochure, but also the function of playing pictures or videos.


LED size available currently: 1.5”, 1.8”, 2.4”, 2.8”, 3.5”, 4.3”, 5”, 7”, etc.

* Speaker
* Reed switch
* Built-in FLASH
* Built-in Lithium battery
* USB charging transmission


Video brochure has the following main features:

1. The cover of the brochure is customized by the customer.

2. The internal video can be replaced by the customer independently.

3. Because it has the storage function of the USB flash drive, so people will be more willing to keep it and it is more practical.



1. Mode of operation:

Automatic switch (no buttons on the brochure)

It will play automatically when you turn on the brochure and shut down when you close it.

You can also add some function buttons according to your own requirements, such as: play, stop, pause, volume, etc.

2. Method of charging:

Standard USB line to connect to the computer

3. Video replacement:

You can connect the video brochure with the computer via USB line, find the removable disk and then you may change, delete or upload any video to the video brochure which can act as the same as a common USB.


Usage and market

According to the classification of the brochure, it is mainly used in the following occasions:

Holiday greetings

For example, Mother's Day, Christmas day, Valentine's Day, birthday, etc. Ingenious design and warm-hearted blessing in the video convey the unforgettable feeling.

Product promotion

For example, car and product publicity, sales promotion, hospital promotion, hotel promotion, etc., video brochure will dominate the video card market. When you give your customers a new and creative video brochure, it will be more meaningful as soon as you open it and it plays the company's promotional video or video to give good wishes.


For example, birthday party invitation, wedding invitation, etc. It can highlight individual tastes and grades.


For example, anniversary, graduation commemoration, etc., it can truly restore the scene at that time and it has a very commemorating value of the collection. Video brochure will enter into our lives with a more unique and rich scene!