Video Brochure Leads the World as the Latest Generation of Marketing Media

As a new generation of electronic video promotion products, video brochure has triggered a new advertising revolution in most parts of the world as soon as it stepped into the market. With the unique customer design concept, exquisite appearance printing and powerful internal electronic video playback function, the product highlights the company's unique promotion concept and enhances the company's high-end and unique image.


Video brochure has changed the monotonous paper brochures and the traditional promotion ways; it brings users a wonderful video at anytime and anywhere by the form of portable audio-visual advertisements. More importantly, it has realized the barrier-free docking between the company's products and users.


Video brochure boasts a unique product promotion concept, which brings users a dynamic, intuitive and three-dimensional feeling. Unique personalized promotional mode arouses users’ special interest in the brand and creates an indelible impression on the company. At the same time, it makes users think you are the only one.


Video brochure presents the company's ideas both dynamically and statically, which is refreshing to us. It makes corporate culture, company products, etc. more unique and displays them at a higher level fully, bringing a better publicity effect.