Helping Realize Some More Complicated Idea

Back in 2014, an Israeli customer explained his ideas to us. He asked us to do this strange-shaped Video in Folder, he first showed us the concept sketch, hoping us to realize the modeling of two wings. Video Brochure originated from 2008, and there was no such precedent at that time. It can be said that at that time we encountered many difficulties. However, the customer was very patient and showed us his creative model carefully. At the same time, we also believe that this is an opportunity to grow together. After quickly understanding the customer's requirements and ideas, our designer began to design the knife model and adjusted it to the best effect, including: height, appearance size, wing proportion, hexagonal folder, screen and button functions. About a week later, we submitted a mature template for printing design.

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After the customer received the template, we finished the design at about 2 week. Then we made a proof sample in the first place. After receiving the sample, the Israeli customer was very surprised and excited, he called us at 12:30 local time and said, "Thank you very much for your team, to tell you the truth, I have looked for several other suppliers, and they have not been able to express my ideas so perfectly. I firmly believe that this hexagonal winged Video in Folder will definitely bring us continuous cooperation projects." This was very exciting at that time, greatly inspiring us and helping customers to do their best to realize some more complicated ideas.

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As we expected, this Belgian customer has brought us many cooperation projects. In the following years up to now, we have come across unexpected ideas, such as video packing- hexagon box, heart-shaped video book, drawer-shaped video business card for luxury goods. Without any exception, we designed all.

Our success, in many cases, comes from the success of our customers, which is our consistent aim.

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Now, you may see video brochure with various strange shapes in many places, but you may not know that this winged hexagonal video in folder originated from us and our Belgian friends. Whenever we recall this project, our team always feels a lot. Our CEO Leo Van often said: "Don't always mention that we are a factory, this is not our advantage. Instead, we love video in folder, we love customers, we love challenges, and we love suppliers, so we can continue to grow and achieve today's success."