How Many Buttons Can Video Brochure Support at Most?

Many people may ask, how many buttons can video brochure support at most? The answer is 15. SalesForce asked the same question when looking for our customization at that time, but its video files were not many and needed many buttons to connect, and they needed 10 buttons. However, the problem came. At that time, the PCB could only support 8 buttons, while the customers had limited budget and were only willing to use a 4.3 inch screen, so we had no way to choose touch screen.

We had to organize our engineers, held a short meeting, and finally decided to upgrade the mainboard and rewrite the program. During this period, it took about 9 days to write-debug-modify, raising the maximum number of buttons supported from 8 to 15. That is the number I had told you. It can be said that with this effort, video brochure has more possibilities.

On a A5 portrait page, apart from the screen, there are only buttons left. We quickly provided the customer with a template and positioned the buttons, speakers, switches, etc. according to the required distance. After the customer submitted the design to us, everything went smoothly and soon the customer received the goods. On Christmas day, we received a gift full of blessings, looked at the signature, and were surprised to find that it was SalesForce who sent it. Through small progress or improvement over and over again, we have won the recognition of many customers, which is also our motivation in forge ahead!

In the end, you might notice that this is a Hard Cover Video Brochure. Unlike ordinary paper, it has higher hardness and heavy hand feeling. This delicacy is unique.

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