Keep the Habit of Thinking and You Will Always Win the Favor of Customers

Keep the habit of thinking and you will always win the favor of customers. We may not come up with a solution at that time for the project as shown below.

At the beginning of contact with the customer, we only know that he needs to make the video in folder stand like a calendar, which can be played and publicized for a long time in some special occasions, such as exhibitions and counters. We directly recommend calendar modeling, but the customer's feedback is: "Some of them need to be given away and some need to be displayed at the counter, so I hope every finished product can meet these two requirements". Our team has discussed for a long time, but they have not been able to solve this problem perfectly. After lunch, our workshop supervisor came to the office and told us a perfect solution. Two hours later, we made a preliminary model, everything comes to him who waits., which succeeded.

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When mass production is about to begin, the customer added an additional requirement, requiring a pocket to place the brochure.

We immediately made the adjustment and added a pocket to the flip cover. Now it is the combination of video in folder + video player. See image below:

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Hard Cover, Pocket, Stand, this is the birth of a new product, and then look at its appearance, it is simply beautiful. Perfection comes from our efforts and your trust.

Video brochure is fully customized, including button function, appearance, screen size, pocket, structure, printing, etc. Each of your different ideas has given the driving force for innovation in this market.