What do media people think about the future trend of Video business cards?

Is the image of a person important? I can say for sure that it is very important.

In different social environments, your clothes and clothes all determine the first impression of others. In the Internet world, a good-looking selfie, a cool short video, etc. can cause others to pay attention to you. It seems that one's image management is very important. In the face of the huge mobile Internet market, how to make a personal video and product information perfect for making a corporate image or product image on the Internet through sound and video content?
                                                                                     Video business card

Video business cards enhances the user's true image through different environments and different professions, and finally presents them in well-made and artistic short films. Use "video card" to convey positive opinions from users or companies to help improve the high-end image and social quality of the company.

The production of short video content creates different values ​​for different people and the environment. Now people of different ages are getting used to accepting short videos. This is a huge volume, and everyone can be a shooter of production content.