What should the “Video business cards” of SMEs do?

         Advertising is not a panacea, but no advertising is impossible. Every year, large-scale corporate advertising bidding scenes are lively and extraordinary, and SMEs can only be discouraged. At this time, the corporate video for SME brand promotion was born, so how can SMEs take the lead in the competition with corporate videos?

1. Clear purpose

         Is the Video business cards to enhance the corporate image or introduce the product?
1. The image of many SMEs themselves is not very prominent. There is no unified understanding of themselves in the enterprise, and there is no influence and consensus among the channels and consumers. This is very unfavorable for the development of the company. Then companies need to integrate their own resources and extract a unified corporate image.

          The product has the image of the product, and the functional positioning of the product should reflect the transition from the quality, taste and shape displayed by the product to the brand. It can visually and vividly display the production process of the product, highlight the functional characteristics of the product and the method of use, so that consumers or distributors can have a deeper understanding of the product and create a good sales environment.
                                                                          Video business card
2. Clear use

        The promotional film is used for promotion, participation in exhibitions, or investment promotion, product release, and the requirements for the promotional film are different. Product launches, investment promotion and conferences, etc., should focus on the strength of the company and disseminate new product information. The audience is the first to contact the product, so the content needs to be detailed and the selling point is outstanding.

         If the company is to unify the image in the existing channels, then the target audience is clear, and there is a little awareness and understanding of the company and products. Such a promotional film needs to emphasize the refinement. Therefore, before deciding to make a promotional film, companies should carefully analyze the company's own situation and clarify its own use.

3. Rich product information
        A phenomenon that occurs in small and medium-sized enterprises is that only the technical person in charge knows the details of the product, but there is no series of words for the production company to refer to. Often the technical staff is not very good at grasping the propaganda points. Therefore, the richness of product information is a must.

4. Different treatment of different markets
         The promotional videos used by enterprises in different regional markets should also be different. Mature markets and new markets should be treated differently. Customers in all mature markets have a certain understanding of enterprises and products. The promo is to systematize and unify their existing cognition. For the new market, it is mainly to convey the corporate image and product features, and first gain recognition and acceptance.

          Corporate videos are an advertising method for companies, so careful research and analysis, reasonable planning and creativity are required. Companies can make several sets of solutions for different purposes and uses, from ideas to behaviors to vision. In short, corporate videos are more intuitive, more vivid, and richer than traditional text-based propaganda. For many SMEs, if the corporate videos are well produced, they can have a very positive impact on marketing.